No-Prep Veneers To Re-Make Your Smile

By Denise A. Perrotta, D.M.D.
February 04, 2015
Category: Oral Health
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People looking for a quick, pain-free route to a whiter, straighter smile may want to explore no-prep or minimal-prep veneers. They're not a solution suitable for everyone, but they're definitely worth asking your cosmetic dentist about. Patients in the Winston Salem, NC, area can consult Denise A. Perrotta, DMD, about all sorts of cosmetic dentistry options, including no-prep veneers.

Porcelain Veneers

Traditional porcelain veneers are used to fix imperfections like gaps, chips, malformations and discoloring of the teeth, and No prep Veneersthey require the dentist to remove enamel from your natural teeth in order to effectively and comfortably attach the thin shell to the front-facing surface of your teeth. As a result of this preparation, the patient may experience heightened tooth sensitivity. Veneers are not a reversible cosmetic dentistry treatment and sometimes require a few appointments to complete.

No-prep or minimal-prep veneers

are pretty much what you'd assume they'd be: Materials that cover tooth imperfections that don't require your cosmetic dentist to grind down any (or as much) of the tooth before attaching the exterior shells. Some patients may not need to receive anesthesia during the procedure, which makes it even quicker than the already speedy process that makes no-prep veneers attractive to many dental patients.

As with all cosmetic dentistry solutions, no-prep veneers may not be the best option for you, and there are pros and cons to be aware of. By eliminating the removal of part of the natural tooth, it's possible no-prep veneers will give your teeth a larger appearance. Because of the lack of (or minimal) preparation work on your natural teeth, no-prep veneers are likely not the best solution for severely malformed or misaligned teeth — even traditional porcelain veneers may not be the best option for such patients.

No-prep veneers certainly appeal to people as a quick way to improve their smiles, but before setting your sights on a cosmetic dentistry solution, you should have a professional assess your smile and help you review all the options available to you. Visit our veneers page to learn more about veneers in general. To schedule an appointment with Denise A. Perrotta General & Cosmetic Dentistry in Winston Salem, NC, call (336) 760-9258.


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