The Benefits of Invisalign

By Denise A. Perrotta DMD
July 22, 2021
Category: Dental Procedures
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Find out what makes Invisalign so unique from other orthodontic options.

While getting braces as a child or young teen might seem like a rite of passage, you may be surprised to discover that many adults are also turning to our Winston Salem, NC, dentist Dr. Denise Perrotta for Invisalign treatment. There is no age limit or cap on when to get the smile you’ve always wanted. We make it easy for our older teen and adult patients to get the smiles they want with the help of Invisalign, a clear orthodontic aligner system.

Not sure whether or not to get braces or Invisalign? Here are some of the top benefits of choosing Invisalign treatment from our Winston Salem, NC, dental professionals.

No Dietary Changes

One of the biggest bummers of getting regular braces is that you have to avoid a lot of the foods you love so you don’t break or damage your braces. Luckily, this isn’t something that you have to worry about with Invisalign. Since aligners are removable, you’ll simply want to remove them before eating or drinking (unless you’re drinking water), so you can still eat all the foods you did before you got braces. Go ahead and indulge!

Easy to Clean

We know how tough it can be to keep teeth clean when you have braces bonded to the front of your smile, but again, this problem is fairly simple when you have removable braces. Remove your aligners and then brush and floss as you normally would, without having to worry about brushing around your braces or having food trapped between braces.

Plus, the aligners themselves are also easy to keep clean. Simply use a soft-bristled toothbrush and gently brush the aligners with warm water to prevent stains from forming.

Look Your Best

When you have a work presentation to give or you are about to start college, you don’t want the first thing for people to think about when they see you are your braces. This is why Invisalign is such a popular treatment that our Winston Salem, MC, family dentist, Dr. Perrotta offers. Invisalign aligners are completely transparent, making them less visible when you talk or smile. Invisalign makes it possible to still get the straight smile you want without the whole work knowing (unless you want them to!).

If you think Invisalign treatment is right for you, call our Winston Salem, NC, family dentist Dr. Perrotta today at (336) 760-9258 to schedule a no-risk consultation with her and her friendly, welcoming staff. Your ideal smile is waiting!


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