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By Denise A. Perrotta DMD
April 29, 2014
Category: Oral Health
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Three Reasons You Should Smile More!

Everyone of our Winston Salem patients deserves to flash a 100-watt smile, but smiling is more than for the photo albums. There are three reasons you should smile more! Winston Salem Dentist

1. Smiling Compliments Your Facial Features 

It doesn’t need to be a scientific fact—a confident smile compliments your appearance. Once you smile more often, it becomes a natural reflex, which in turn can help you look younger. Plus, the “smile” muscles help lift the face.

2. You Feel Happier When You Smile

When you see someone cry, do you also feel a bit sad? Have you ever started laughing because a friend had the giggles? We believe smiling can also affect the ones around you. Plus, smiling more can have a positive change on your outlook.

3. Your Smile Speaks Before You Do

You see a person standing in a corner, frowning. There is a person on the opposite side of the room, smiling. Who would you rather approach and have a conversation with? You walk over to the person on the opposite side of the room. Why is that? It’s most likely because his/her smile was more inviting than a frown.
A smile can reveal a lot about a person, or at least give you a good first impression.

Cosmetic Dentistry Services Turn smile Imperfections into Perfections

Everyone should smile, but not that many people believe their teeth are worth showing. If you need a dental boost, Dr. Perrotta offers a number of cosmetic services to whiten, straighten and even out your teeth. Her top services include the following:
  • No-prep veneers – little to no preparation needed to place the custom, shell veneers. The cosmetic results should look natural, covering any imperfections.
  • Invisalign – misaligned teeth can be straightened without anyone noticing. Each passing day, your smile will get more confident. Learn more about the invisalign treatment offered for you at our office. 
  • Teeth whitening – in-office whitening effectively removes surface stains, revealing whiter teeth.
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