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By Denise A. Perrotta DMD
June 20, 2017
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What your dentist in Winston Salem wants you to know about the importance of flossingflossing


So what’s the big deal about flossing? Isn’t brushing your teeth enough? The answer is no. That’s because brushing only cleans part of your teeth. Brushing can’t get in between the teeth, where bacteria can hide. In fact, most tooth decay begins in between teeth. Flossing gets in the tight contacts between your teeth. Dr. Denise Perrotta in Winston Salem, NC wants to share why you shouldn’t neglect your flossing.


The plaque which forms on your teeth contains millions of bad bacteria that produce toxins. These toxins are strong enough to eat away at tough tooth enamel and cause decay. Along with damaging your teeth, toxins also cause inflammation and infection in your gums, a condition known as gum disease.


When you floss, you are disturbing and removing the plaque between your teeth before it can cause damage. Flossing should be a vital part of your oral hygiene routine to keep your smile healthy.

Let’s take a look at what can happen if you don’t floss:

  • You can get tooth decay in between your teeth, resulting in the need for a filling or other restoration. If the decay is deep into the pulp of your tooth, you may also need a root canal or even tooth extraction.
  • You can get gum disease, resulting in swollen, puffy, bleeding gums and pain.
  • You can lose bone around your teeth, a condition known as periodontal disease. If you lose enough bone, your teeth can become loose and you may need a tooth extraction.

If you do need a tooth extraction, you are faced with either living without teeth or replacing your teeth with expensive implants, bridges, partials or dentures. All of these problems can be prevented just by adding flossing to your oral hygiene routine!


If you have difficulty flossing because of dexterity issues, arthritis, or other considerations, floss picks are an excellent alternative. You can use either waxed or unwaxed floss depending on your preference. The important thing is to floss every day.


For more information about flossing, dental care and services, call Dr. Perrotta in Winston Salem, NC. Don’t ignore flossing; get started on your routine by calling today!

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